Animal Waste Management: Definition, Examples, Problems & a Practical Solution

Today, a smart solution to degrade animal waste is to use the eco-friendly, sustainable, non-polluting microbial approach. Animal Waste and the Need for Management Systems  An animal waste management system manages various types of animal wastes. Animal waste includes poultry scrap, dairy shed wastewater, hog, and manure. Also, wastes from livestock finishing operations and renderings […]

Enzymes Manufacturing

People have always used micro-organisms like bacterias, yeasts, and molds (and the enzymes that they produce) to make foods. With modern scientific advancements, we are now able to identify the enzymes that are responsible for making food and drink like bread, beer, cheese and wine.  How are enzymes produced? Enzymes used for industrial purposes are […]

Marine Water Treatment

Marine Water Treatment There’s no denying that the discharge of untreated or poorly treated sewage into marine water is a growing problem. It’s a cause for concern to everyone – residents and business owners, health officials, and environmentalists. Some organizations have little choice but to discharge waste into open bodies of water such as lakes, […]

Custom & Contract Fermentation

Have you got an idea but don’t have the technical facilities to turn your concept into a finished product? Plus, do you wish to use your own brand on the products you want to offer instead of merely reselling an existing brand? At JBMbio, we can offer contract fermentation and custom fermentation services to meet […]

Boat Waste Treatment

Boat Waste Treatment There’s no denying that marine wastewater can be harmful to aquatic life and the environment if it enters large bodies of water untreated, as it can sometimes contain toxic chemicals. What’s more, you will not be complying with wastewater laws and guidelines, both in the United States and beyond. Luckily, boat waste […]

Water Pollution Treatments

water pollution treatments

Water pollution is a serious problem for lakes, oceans, and rivers. What some may not realize is that it also occurs every day in our own homes. The difference is that we are not actively or carelessly attempting to pollute the water we use. Rather, it becomes polluted while we use it by substances such […]

How Do Bio Enzymatic Cleaners Clean?

Bio Enzymatic Cleaners

It is recommended that parents and schools teach children about proper hand washing when they are five years old, preferably earlier if possible.  These lessons are usually accompanied by a song and printed instructions with terrifying cartoon bacteria.  Having been taught from such an early age that bacteria are inherently harmful, it should come as […]

EnviroDEFENSE® PhosFix

Item Number: ED 0215 DATA SHEET CONTACT US Overview Application Instructions Package Size Overview Removal of Phosphates can be a difficult process, but it is critical to maintaining a healthy wastewater lagoons and discharge. Phosphate loading can be caused by several external factors such as fertilizer runoff, cleaning chemicals and wastewater treatment chemicals. The microbes […]

Hand Sanitizer

A squared bottle of hand sanitizer with blue and red label

Our gel hand sanitizer instantly kills 99.99% of germs. FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) approved formulas containing 75% Ethyl Alcohol

Hand & Surface Sanitizer (1/2 gallon)

A bottle of hand & surface sanitizer with blue and red label

FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) approved formulas containing 75% Isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerin. On Sale Now for as low as $20.00 per each (when you purchase a case)