Marine Water Treatment

There’s no denying that the discharge of untreated or poorly treated sewage into marine water is a growing problem. It’s a cause for concern to everyone – residents and business owners, health officials, and environmentalists.

Some organizations have little choice but to discharge waste into open bodies of water such as lakes, streams, estuaries, and other marine water. If that sewage effluent does not get treated correctly, it can result in huge problems – and not just for the organization concerned.

Government agencies on various levels put in place guidelines and rules to deal with the discharge of waste into marine water. With that in mind, how can companies safely and efficiently tackle their waste problem while conforming to those guidelines and rules?

Sustainable Marine Water Treatment

It makes sense to use sustainable marine water treatment solutions. Microbial products created explicitly for sewage effluent help to increase the biological diversity in the wastewater system.

Using such a microbial solution, known as microbial bioaugmentation, means that enzymes in the bacteria break down the waste naturally and efficiently.

Why Should You Work With JBMbio?

At JBMbio, we offer class-leading facilities to produce 100% natural microorganisms for treating your sewage effluent. Our laboratory will properly assess the composition of your waste matter, identify problematic components, and create a unique natural solution.


The result? Your sewage effluent will get properly treated according to all relevant government guidelines and laws before it enters any bodies of water.

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