EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X
EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X


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EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X is a concentrated liquid bacterial cleaner and degreaser for use on any type of hard surface.

Its effective cleaning and degreasing power comes from a formula that combines eco-benign surfactants and solvents together with a specially selected bacterial consortium for the deep cleaning of almost any soils and wastes. EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X can be used as a cleaner for surfaces such as restroom floors, toilets, urinals, industrial floors, machinery, tools and general household cleaning. EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X is a powerful cleaner that leaves no streaks and contains a mild orange fragrance. 10x formula dilute 9:1, tap water to EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: In addition to select strains of bacteria, EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePro 10X contains the following enzymes for rapid degradation of waste:

  • Protease: Digestion of Protein
  • Cellulase: Digestion of Cellulosic Particles
  • Lipase: Digestion of Fats & Oils


Commercial Restroom & Household Application: Mix 16 oz. (473 ml) EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X per 1 gallon (3.78 L) of water for mop or home scrubbing applications. EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePro 10X may also be used as a pre-treatment. Mix 4 oz. (118 ml) of EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X per 32 oz. (946 ml) of water and pretreat areas for 30-45 seconds prior to cleaning.

Heavy/Industrial Application: Mixing Instructions: Mix EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X Concentrate 4:1 (4 Parts Water/ 1 Part EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X)

  • Liberally Spray Over Affected Area & Let Stand For 30-45 Seconds.
  • Scrub Affected Area.
  • Rinse With Water Or Power Wash If Accessible.

*For Extremely Heavy Problems A Double Application May Be Necessary.

Drain Build-Up Remover Application: EnviroDEFENSE® SurfacePRO 10X is ideal for use as a household or industrial drain build-up remover. Applications may vary but as a standard, apply 2 oz. (29.57 ml) a week for slow running drains. Frequency can be increased daily if necessary.

PARAMETERS: For biology to work properly, certain water conditions must exist:

  • pH of the water maintained between 5.5 & 9.5.
  • Temperature of the water above 10°C (50°F).
  • Dissolved oxygen levels must be above 3 ppm.