Bacteria Pond & Lake Water Pollution Treatment

Natural Bacteria & Enzymes Remove Muck, Odor, Ammonia, Nitrogen & Phosphorous

Rocks beneath the surface of a pond or a lake

There are over 307 million lakes in the World and that doesn’t even take into account man-made lakes or reservoirs and the majority of those are only 2.5 acres. Lakes are open systems and capture tons of organic material including trash, run-off, airborne debris, and algae. Most of the lake pollution occurs from human activity so it’s up to us to fix it. That’s why JBMbio has developed a complete line of lake management solutions to clean up even the most polluted body of water.

JBMbio microbial pond and lake products are designed to address the major issues facing natural waterways; muck, odor, water clarity and algal blooms. Our proprietary blends of bacteria and enzymes go to work quickly to digest bottom muck and odor, remove suspended organic debris within the water column and reduce nutrient loading that causes algal blooms. In addition, our products function on a microscopic level to remove the by-products of the larger issues; ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphorous to ensure the larger problem will not return.

Unique problems require unique solutions and treatment methods, which is why we have developed multiple delivery methods to administer our products. We produce powerful tablets to penetrate deep into the muck layer where they multiply and digest years of accumulated organic material. When facing a clarity or excessive nutrient problem we suggest using our dry formula packaged in water-soluble bags for easy application and proper dispersion. We even offer old-school bulk drums for large-scale applications.

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