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Natural Hydrocarbon Remediation Bacteria & Enzymes

Metal tank containing oil and gas

Hydrocarbon residue from oil and gas can be found on soil, roads, wastewater and much more. Society’s dependence on oil and gas for thousands of everyday processes for billions of people means proper clean-up and containment are often difficult to achieve.

A natural process to clean up oil and gas does exist, bioaugmentation. Inoculating a polluted area with specialized bacteria colonies is an effective and responsible solution to remove hydrocarbons from wastewater and soil. JBMbio hydrocarbon degrading bacteria strains perform the difficult task of remediating volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) including oil, gas, tar, trichloroethane, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes. Only strains built by nature for this specific purpose are utilized in the production of JBMbio hydrocarbon line.

Application sites for JBMbio hydrocarbon reducing blends are diverse, they can be tilled into soil, applied to underground storage tanks (UST) and large industrial clean-ups or simple spills on turf or cement. The natural bacteria strains found in JBMbio products utilize hydrocarbon compounds as a food source leaving only water and carbon dioxide as a by-product of cellular digestion.

JBMbio is dedicated to producing high-quality environmental solutions to remediate hydrocarbon pollution naturally. We offer high potency, high-quality products with only strain-specific microbes within the formula to do the work, no “fluff” strains to pad our total CFU’s. The result is a faster working, more economical product that does the job right time after time.

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