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EnviroDEFENSE® Starch Degrader is an industrial strength concentrate of enzymes and natural microorganisms specifically blended for liquefying and consuming highly concentrated starch compounds.

EnviroDEFENSE® Starch Degrader breaks the chemical bonds between long chain starch molecules forming water soluble sugars which are consumed by the natural microorganisms. “A complete cleaning process by natural protein cleansers.”

The naturally occurring bacteria formulated in EnviroDEFENSE® Starch Degrader works by digesting organic waste materials to prevent malodorous situations and sludge build-up. EnviroDEFENSE® Starch Degrader has also demonstrated great success in the degradation of many types of industrial wastes including; lignin, pulp, surfactant, solvent and polymer residues, starch, cellulose & FOG.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: EnviroDEFENSE® Starch Degrader contains the following natural enzymes for rapid degradation of waste:

  • Protease: Digestion of Protein.
  • Cellulase: Digestion of Cellulosic Particles.
  • Lipase: Digestion of Fats & Oils.

Wastewater Treatment Routine Application:

0 – 5001.5 lb (0.68 kg)
501 – 10002 lb (0.91 kg)
1001 – 20003 lb (1.36 kg)

*Rates Based On Every 500,000 Gallons Of Flow Per Day

Wastewater Treatment Start Up Application:

0 – 5003 lb (1.36 kg)
501 – 10004 lb (1.82 kg)
1001 – 20006 lb (2.72 kg)

*Rates Based On Every 500,000 Gallons Of Flow Per Day. Use start up application for first 30 days then use routine application.

PARAMETERS: For biology to work properly, certain water conditions must exist:

  • pH of the water maintained between 5.5 & 9.5.
  • Temperature of the water above 10°C (50°F).
  • Dissolved oxygen levels must be above 3 ppm.