What is beneficial bacteria and probiotics

Beneficial bacteria and probiotics explained

When good bacteria are taken to improve health, it is considered “probiotics.” Probiotics are officially defined as beneficial bacteria or “live microorganisms that may confer a health benefit on the host”.  The idea of ingesting these tiny microorganisms may be strange, but most of us eat different many types of probiotics every day in the form of yogurt, sauerkraut and cheese.

A more useful description is that probiotics is: microbials such as good bacterial and yeast that promotes good health and wellbeing. Living in a society that encourages the use of anti-bacterial cleaners and antibiotics, this may seem confusing. How can it be that something that can get people sick, can also keep people and animals healthy?

It is important to recognize that our environment is anything but sterile. It’s swarming with bacteria and this is also true for the body of people and animals. Research has found that both the outsides and insides of our bodies are fertile breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms like yeast. This does make sense as we are warm and are continually providing sustenance in the form of dead skin and consumed foods. The gut is the most bacteria rich area in the body, is known to harbor trillions of bacteria.

So how does beneficial bacteria function in the body?

  • Probiotics can make it more difficult for pathogenic (bad) bacteria to survive in the body.
  • Probiotics can interact with the cells of the body and make them increase their defenses against invading microorganisms.
  • Probiotics can boost the function of the positive immune response system.

There are several illnesses where beneficial bacteria/probiotics can be successfully utilized.  They are helpful in antibiotic-induced diarrhea when antibiotics kill off the intestinal flora and leave it out of balance. There is also evidence that suggests that they are effective for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), eczema, yeast infections and help protect against the common cold.

JBMbio is a world leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable microbial products. We manufacture, blend, formulate and package select strains of 100% natural bacteria.


JBMbio Agriculture products are select strains have been chosen for their ability to thrive in the root zone (rhizosphere) of plants where they break down organics quickly so the plant can process those nutrients in a more efficient manner. Resulting in a higher yield and stronger resistance to disease.

Animal Direct Fed Microbes (DFM)

JBMbio Direct Fed Microbes products reduce and control intestinal imbalances in livestock, including swine, dairy and poultry. Our strains of direct fed microbials (DFM’s) ensure a better feed conversation rate, resulting in healthier, more marketable animals over a shorter period of time.


JBMbio manufactures blends of 100% natural bacteria and enzymes that remediate hydrocarbons, fats, oils, greases, organics, odors and starches. Our JBMbio products are formulated for specific problems found in wastewater, ponds, lakes, livestock waste, sewage, and industrial & household cleaning.

Contract Manufacturing and Private Label

JBMbio offers premium contract manufacturing – as well as private label packaging – from contract fermentation to finished good products.  Our ability to deliver top to bottom product outsourcing saves you time and money and allows you to be more efficient in taking products to market.

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